Here at EV Specialists we are passionate about electric cars and their many benefits

Zero c02 emissions ev company Surrey
Environmental Friendly


Zero CO2 and other pollutants such as NOx and particulates when being driven. That’s good for everybody and everything you drive past. However, electricity produced traditionally (burning coal or gas) means the environmental benefit is partial. But if you choose a renewable energy provider, such as Ecotricity, then the environmental gain is maximised.

Save money with electric car
Save £££


With a likely energy cost of just 3p per mile vs 15p for petrol or diesel, your fuel bill will dramatically reduce. Zero road tax. Servicing costs are around half that of petrol or diesel cars – no oily engine parts to replace, and regenerative braking means you rarely need to use the brake pedal. Historically very low depreciation – EV’s hold their value!

Electric Car Sales in Surrey
The future now


Electric cars are near silent and have instant seamless power. They have a low centre of gravity (due to the placement of the battery pack), which delivers stability and safety benefits. Electric cars are both easy and enjoyable to drive.

WELCOME to EV Specialists

Here at EV Specialists, we will expertly guide you through your upgrade to an electric car:

  • Advice on the range of electric cars available and how they fit to your lifestyle.
  • Charging options at home and on the road.
  • Journey planning and the myth of range anxiety.

We have a wide range of pre-owned electric cars at our indoor premises near Woking, Surrey.

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